Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Coming to an end....

I finished my bears for the  Bear Blitz  next Sunday and Monday.... and I think that I am done for 2015!!! Way back when I used to make about 300 bears a year.... but this year I made 130.  Not that I am unhappy with the smaller number,  we are "retired" and doing other things!!

I have seen some UTube videos that intrigue me... I'll be giving needle felting more of a go!!  There are more "home made" Christmas presents and cookies and candy to make!! 

My son and I have been experimenting with new recipes. Sunday's dinner will be roast leg of lamb with roasted Brussels sprouts with honey and balsamic vinegar ... maybe roasted baked potatoes too. 
There is a sheep farm less than 10 miles away.... Hi Ho Sheep ... that's where I ordered the lamb and it was delivered right to my door!!  Nicely frozen... boned and in one of those stretchy mesh bags.  It is thawing in the fridge right now!!!

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