Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bear Blitz

This is Brumley.... my lead bear for the Bear Blitz online show coming up December 13th.....  click on the right sidebar image. It opens at 11 am Eastern on Sunday and is just two days long.

Brumley is not very big... but there bigger ones on my page.... and smaller ones! A variety of sizes and colors ( yes! colors).

We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with loads of good food... and leftovers for everyone. The cold weather and rain didn't arrive until after Thanksgiving but it kept us at home for the weekend. Good thing we aren't the type to stand on line waiting for stores to open!! More like cyber shoppers and  "giving Tuesday" participants.
Have you noticed all the cookie recipes being emailed ....makes me  think about beginning to make all the Christmas cookies we love to eat!! We all have our favorites but I am looking for something new to add!!

1 comment:

sandieluvsteddys said...

This bear is so cute! I used to make alot of teddy bear tags from your bears. Than life got busy, I am now back making tags, and came across him on Facebook, than went to your blog!! Hugs Sandie