Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Closer and closer

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas.... sometimes time flies and sometimes it just plain drags! The tree is up and decorated... A friend made me many many crocheted and stiffened snowflakes for Christmas and they look wonderful on the tree.  I try to find one or two new ornaments every year .. not always new, sometimes vintage. But these snowflakes are this year's new ones!!!

A few weeks ago my husband, son and I went on the KC Clay Guild's annual studios hop. We try to visit different ones each year. One of the ones we visited was the Machiko Erhard Ceramics Studio . She was having a raffle so of course I add my name to the slips  and , low and behold, I won !!
My piece came in the mail this morning. it is a small pitcher or creamer... heavy off-white glaze with the design cut into the glaze and then color added.  I love it!!  Machiko grew up on a farm and a lot of her other designs reflect that with farm animals etc.

The 7 am USPS postal delivery also included a box from my sister-in-law down in South Carolina!!  She had made a rocking chair for my bears out of  clothespins!! My husband says the bears had a tussle to see who would sit in it first!!
For once my daughter's school system ( she teaches) went on Winter break before the grandchildren's school system ... so we are headed out to a "just the two of us lunch"....We are all so busy that that doesn't happen often enough!

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