Monday, December 8, 2014

Show is over...

The Holiday Stars online show is over...... that means cookie time is upon us. We send cookie boxes to Bob's siblings for Christmas so I have been making snickerdoodles, white chocolate with cranberries and toasted pecans, sugar cookies, Wheaties cookies ( a family comfort cookie) and chocolate brownie cookies. The last is a new  recipe for me and is full of chocolate ... 3 cups of chocolate chips and 4 ounces of unsweetened block chocolate. Really really chocolatey!!
I've made other edible  things as well .... and when Bob and I went to Independence's "Best Little Craft Show" we found someone who makes all sorts of jams and jellies. Another booth had shagbark hickory syrup... something new to both of us!  Lucky Bob has to pack all this!! After all they are his siblings!!

ps... 5 of my critters went or will be going to new homes!! Another one went to it's SIX now!!

My bears and friends will be available  from the February Bright Star online show and the Teddies Worldwide show in March.... and , as usual, from my etsy shop and BearPile

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