Sunday, December 28, 2014

Online show coming up

I've changed things.... now I have the banner for the Bright Star online show coming up in February showing on the right instead of the one from early December.  I  have started working on the bears and friends I will be offering up for sale... but they won't shown until the show.

Christmas was great here... lots of home made presents  from marshmallows to Chex mix  to Kahlua to cookies, crocheted  coffee cup warmers, hand turned pens  and knives. We are an eclectic bunch so it is reasonable that the presents would be too. It seems like we all tried making some new things.

Next week is vacations time for almost everyone ... so it's a good time to get some house repairs worked on. The chore for tomorrow is fixing my daughter's downstairs bathroom.... there's a leak somewhere so the water has been turned off until my husband, our son and his sister can figure our WHERE the water is coming from.. 

Hope your Holidays were as good as ours!!!

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