Tuesday, April 6, 2010

what's up...

Fleur has made it to BearPile! and I have finished a green and goldentan panda(?) bear...His name is Gulliver and he is 9 inches tall.

This Saturday is the DesMoines, Iowa Doll and Bear Show. Luckily DesMoines is only a 3 hour "jaunt" from Blue Springs. We will head out in time to be set up and ready when the early birds arrive. I always enjoy the DesMoines show... a chance to see old friends... poke around in doll stuff looking for bear accessories and so on.

I hope to have a few "new" things ready by the show!


krex said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and inadvertently introducing me to the bear site....what cute animals they have, I could spend days clicking for the next listing for animals....cute stuff !

I love the work/play your doing with your felt and sewing .

Happy felting

Heather said...


Man... I wish there were more bear shows closer... I want to go to them all!

Saskia said...

Oooh... sweet bear!!!

Saskia :)