Friday, May 8, 2009

Rain rain go away... come again after we leave!

It has rained with a vengeance! It has rained so hard that the water coming out of the mountain is full of mud! You can hear the gushing streams from far away and the trout are trying to cope!
I feel like we will be mildewing before long! Last year this area was in a severe drought... this year all the streams, ponds and lakes are full to overflowing!
But seeing family makes up for all the discomfort....
It rained again last night and today. The fish's water is clearer so they can find the food my brother-in-law feeds them. Yesterday, they couldn't. The rv park pool is almost filled to overflowing and considering the pool is 40' long and 10' in the deep end, that's a lot of water!

This evening Priscilla told me the 2nd longest Tennessee yard sale ( Hwy 52 Yard Sale) is this coming weekend..... last year they had over 550 vendors! We may have to stay longer than we thought! Hwy 52 is just miles from here!

Tomorrow I will put some "rushing water" pictures up!

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