Thursday, May 21, 2009

back to work

I think I've managed to put away everything from out trip and do a little outside gardening... so now it's back to "work".
I found a great vintage feed sack at an antique store in North central Tenn... my husband found two slide rules ( one of the "things' he collects) too so it was a great morning. He has cleaned and waxed his slide rules and I have turned the feed sack into two bags/work baskets/ buckets and still have more burlap to work with.
I had such fun with the burlap bag that I emailed Kansas City's coffee roasting company and asked about their coffee bean sacks.... they wrote back super fast and offered to give me several! The Roasterie air roasts their coffees and has many blends. AND the company is super involved with non-profits such as WaterPartners. I picked up the bags and they are SUPER with great silk screened graphics.
I also worked on a new bear! I finished "Drew" this morning and posted her on BearPile.

I've also been working on getting the "Artist Bears" blog train organized... Nancy D told me what she was giving away... now I need the rest to do the same.

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