Monday, May 11, 2009

herding fish

It rained a little last night after a good day! Maybe we won't get mildewed after all. My brother-in-law decided that it was his last opportunity to have two male helpers to move his fish. The catchout pond... the big ones go here waiting for customers to catch them... was sorely in need of more fish. The longest raceway... the runs where the fish grow big enough to go to the catchout pond... was FULL. So my husband and two brothers-in-law took the old truck loaded with an old freezer down to the raceways. They put water in the freezer then with the aid of a screened divider worked the fish down to the end where the truck waited. Then Terry used a large net to move them to the freezer. Then they drove to the catchout pond where the fish were again netted and THROWN over railings into the water.... I was the "photographer" and have LOADS of pictures! It was amazing. After they finished the raceway was empty and smaller fish were herded, netted and moved from their smaller raceway to the bigger one!

I will try and download some of the pictures... I think I have about 300 in the camera... later tonight. Well... it's later and I discovered we didn't bring the cable for downloading pictures into the computer! So pictures will have to wait!

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