Friday, March 6, 2009

Heading home

We are on our way home to Kansas City. Our vacation on Sanibel wasn't long enough! We stopped in Atlanta to visit our son and watched the city grind to a halt due to a snow storm! The airport closed... schools were canceled ... kids had a ball! I was told it would all be gone the next day... but not so. Stuff was still on the roofs three days later due to non-Atlanta-like cold temps!
Now we are in north central Tenn. visiting with family ( they have a campground/rv park/trout farm). Believe it or not.. they have campers already! Snowbirds on their way from Arizona to Michigan . They bought land near here last year and so are staying for a week deciding where to build.. where to have a driveway... where to plant trees they are having shipped here.

We will be home by next week.... have to get to work on bears for the Bright Star St. Louis show March 22nd! If you are going... stop by and say "hello"! All info on the show is on my website.

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