Friday, March 13, 2009

Bear in sweater...

Yesterday I went searching for wool sweaters. It wasn't the best time to look... Goodwill was into summer with shorts and bathing suits. The next thrift shop had some sweaters... but not wool. The third place I tried was a success! I found three. I decided not to wet felt the white one... it was very soft...and I wasn't sure what the final result of felting would be.
Sitting waiting was Bellamy, a traditional bear with long arms and a "Mod Podge" nose. He needed something and a white turtleneck sweater seemed to be the answer.
The next thing was to photograph him... closeups were fine but for full shots I seemed to be in the middle ground of too much light for the flash and not enough light to get a good one without the flash. Hopefully the sun will cooperate later in the morning or afternoon.

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