Friday, September 6, 2019


I have been reading quite a few blogs about being frugal... not spending money...not buying stuff... recycling and so on...
Must admit we have always been careful in our spending... recycling when possible and so on. Our city ( suburb of Kansas City) shut down its recycling center saying it was too expensive for the city and that it was having trouble getting rid of the plastic etc. Luckily a Kansas City beer brewer decided to start a bottle manufacturing plant for itself and there are "bins" at the local grocery stores for glass recycling! So that where our wine bottles and glass goes.
We are lucky to have four outlets for our un-needed "stuff" - Goodwill,  Salvation Army, Disabled Vets and  Habitat of Humanity - Restore. We do hate to throw away things that someone could use.

As for food... buy what we need and not too much more. Leftovers once is enough.  I admit that some of the prepared foods are tempting like Aldi's marinated chicken breasts, ground chicken patties with added veggies and spices and, the newest I came home with this week ,salmon patties. I appreciate things packed in one or two servings... cuts down on leftovers right?!

BTW... our grocery stores don't put fresh food on clearance.  Wonder what they do with it?  Hopefully it goes to food pantries and food kitchens at homeless shelters.

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Joanne Noragon said...

I wonder if it turns into cole slaw.