Saturday, August 3, 2019

school supplies

My daughter works for a non-profit that provides all sorts of things for its housing sites ( Phoenix One thing it does is provide school supplies in backpacks for the 400 or so students in its sites... to be given out just before school starts this August. If fundraising provides more supplies than needed in August... they are saved for 2nd semester in January - especially, paper, notebooks, pencils and crayons!
Anyway, my daughter, armed with the non-profit's credit card and tax-free card, headed out to Wal-Mart with my husband and me in tow.  We filled ( heaped to almost overflowing!) four large grocery carts with all sorts of supplies. The backpacks had already been purchased through Amazon.  My daughter spends time finding where things are cheapest!
So there we were... counting for the cashier to ring up. Some things had to be counted by color too!! We were so busy that the customers behind us starting counting too!!

The total was "something else" !!

Then Wal-Mart employees helped us to our cars and to unload from carts into our trunks!!

No one complained ! Everyone was excited about the project! Everyone was glad that children would be helped to be ready for school!! Some customers told us about similar projects in their towns and churches!!

Did you know that Crayola puts out a pack of crayons to match all ranges of skin color - truly diverse - so kids can draw people just like themselves??

Now Phoenix Family has to divide up the supplies, put them in backpacks and deliver to the housing sites....!

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Joanne Noragon said...

So many communities and social organizations doing this for children. So sad it remains necessary.