Friday, November 24, 2017

Interesting Thanksgiving

We all ( Bob and I, children, spouses and grandchildren) managed a great Thanksgiving dinner at Robb's!! Lots and lots of food which meant lots and lots of leftovers for people to take home.

One interesting part had nothing to do with Thanksgiving dinner....
as I was getting things from Robb's cupboard one of the shelf supports let go!! Managed to get things down and try to find SOMEWHERE to put them in a kitchen already full of stuff for the holiday dinner. Added good thing ... nothing was broken. Bob and Robb removed the broken part and replaced all 4 supports today.
Thing #2 ... when I got the thawed turkey out of the cooler to get it ready to roast, I found Robb and I had read the label wrong. It wasn't a 16 - 18 pound tom turkey BUT a 26 pound behemoth turkey. Luckily we had enough time to roast it . It fit in both the roasting pan and the oven and TASTED great.
Thing#3 ... the ham was too tall for Robb's smaller oven ( the turkey was in the bigger one). So Robb had to cut some of it off!!

So Thanksgiving was not without hiccups!!

Trying out the tree ( Tigger - orange - and Jack -Tiger striped) ... here's hoping they will have tired with it by the time we add the ornaments !

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diane b said...

Always hiccups when doing a big dinner. Sounds like you overcame the problems and had a good time.