Sunday, July 3, 2016

Busy busy weekend....

This is a busy busy weekend!!  I have been working on my items for the next online bear show... and struggling with not being able to upload pictures from this computer to my weebly website. We did everything the chat person suggested and still no downloading.  Bob finally gave up. Luckily we have another computer... one with Windows 10 not XP and I can upload from that!!  Bob decided that there must have been some software change and now that XP isn't supported... no uploading.  It is a "pain" but the two computers do network so it is not as much of a pain as it could be!
On a more fun note.... Today is my youngest's birthday.  I remember hearing fireworks go off while I was in the hospital!  Still hearing them here!! So birthday dinner and then a few fireworks for the grandkids.  More fireworks tomorrow from "official" sites!!

Then.. another birthday next weekend. Lili will be 14... unbelievable!!

Short respite... and then two more birthdays! My middle child and her husband!!

July full of birthdays!!!

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