Tuesday, August 5, 2014


We just spent a long weekend down at the lake.... Lake of the Ozarks that is!  My granddaughter has become a fishing obsessed person and finally caught a decent sized bass ( we think).
Dominic, her little brother caught the first two fish, but they were tiny.  After Lili caught her fish she found time to swim, canoe and just have fun!

We had fires in the firepit... made s'mores... played with the dogs  and since there was no tv and no internet, Lili and Dominic had to entertain themselves the old fashioned way!!

Lili stayed with us (her grandparents) for a night after everyone else left....she wanted to stay up late so we went off to bed. Grandpa snuck out and took this picture...

Later on we found her in bed....

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Kays Kids said...

What a blessing Grand children are.
Sounds like you had a lovely time together.
Hugs Kay