Friday, August 15, 2014

Back to bears and friends

I have been working on things for the Bright Star online show coming up in September...

and am all set. The pictures are uploaded... the PayPal buttons added so now it's time to wait. I will add the link just before the show starts.

I've also made another mouse with a needle and wet  felted pumpkin. He is going to my mouse collector in the UK!

Here is a poem sent to me by Matt the Mouse's new owner in the UK

There is a mouse now,
With sharp teeth now,
And he's called
Matt the Mouse.
He has chewed his way,
Around a pumpkin
Now that pumpkin
Is his house
When it's cold out,
Matt the Mouse is,warm and cosy
Curled up deep inside
As the raindrops
Splash on his rooftop
He sits inside with such pride
His only worry is
That his pumpkin house will soon
Become pumpkin pie.

(Sang to Mac the knife)!

There are more bears in the works but some of them will have to be kept secret until the Teddies Worldwide Online Christmas show!

1 comment:

Kays Kids said...

YOur little pumpkin mouse is a darling. I hope you do well in the on line show.
Hugs Kay