Saturday, April 26, 2014

Teena the ballerina

Teena was going to have her debut on the upcoming online show.... but instead she is going off to the UK early!!
Lili helped me find ribbon etc. on a shopping jaunt and was happy with the final result.  She will be happy to hear that Teena will be headed to a new home in the UK!

Here's what her new "person" sent:
Now Bettina's done her magic
And made another mouse
This time this ones a dancer
And is going to dance her way to our house
Her name is Teena
She is a ballerina
She wears a little tutu
Ribbons and bows
And on her pretty feet
She has roses on her toes
Her cousins in the Mousehole
Can't wait till she arrives
I think they'll throw a party
Because she'll be number five

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