Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sunday morning

Our grandchildren spent Saturday night at our house.  Their Mother  was a chaperone for the prom! She teaches Junior Advanced Placement English at a local high school. The prom was held at Arrowhead Stadium . Their Dad works nights.
After dinner Saturday night ( at Pizza Street) we went for a walk around one of Blue Springs little man-made lakes. People were fishing  and the kids started clamoring that they wanted to come back Sunday morning and fish! Grandpa said "no!"  But when Sunday morning rolled around, grandpa changed his mind! After getting all the poles and fishing equipment together... off we went!
Here's Lili casting... while Grandpa helps Dominic ready his fishing rod.
Here's Lili again...casting!

This is one of the wild redbud trees that Missouri seems to have so many of!  It is in full blooms!  

No one caught anything... I don't know what the grandkids would have done if they had!  We do advocate for a catch and release program!                 

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