Thursday, December 5, 2013

Little Tommy...

Little Tommy is up on BearPile  ....his curly kid mohair is oh so soft !!  He is a handful... 7 inches tall.

Tommy is ready for today's weather. Earlier this morning we had our first dusting of snow and the temperature dropped ( or should I say plunged down down down) to a 5 with wind chill factor!!  I had an errand to run so I was doubly glad to be wearing my new fingerless gloves ... a fantastic purchase from Target $1.00 !!

My "page" for the online "Bear Blitz" show later this month is almost ready.  Quite a few bears are on it already . I still have to set up the PayPal buttons though.

Little Tommy is off to Texas where it is cold... but not as cold at Kansas City!

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