Monday, December 9, 2013

Hunter the cat

I really had fun making this little anime style cat .... and he is already on his way to a new home in Texas!
This has been a fun season... I love making accessories for my bears and bear friends!   There's one more online show coming up this Sunday and Monday... the Bright Star Promotions  Bear Blitz .
I hope you'll take a look!  There is a great selection of bear artists and their bears if the preview page is anything to go by!!

After the show it will time to work on some family gifts. The grandchildren have asked for Christmas pj's. My daughter saw an idea she wants to try.... a Christmas Eve gift box. It will contain new Christmas pj's, some snacks, maybe a small gift.  All things to make the evening  good. She and her husband and the kids go out and  go and look at  Christmas lights. After that they watch a movie and will open the boxes. Sounds like a fun evening!!
They will all come to our house  for brunch and the family gift exchange....

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Plushpussycat said...

Oh, what a darling kitty! That face is so expressive and cute! I'm so glad I found your blog today. Now I'm your newest follower. :-) Welcome to join my miniature desserts blog giveaway featuring gorgeous cakes by Kim Saulter--yum yum! :-) xo Jennifer