Saturday, November 2, 2013

Teddies Worldwide preview is open

Here is Carrie!  She's my preview bear!  To get to the Christmas Treasures online show ( Teddies Worldwide)... here is the link.  The  preview is open for voting and the show itself opens on November 15th. I hope you'll come and take a look!

Now that Halloween has passed... I've been thinking about holiday bears.  Here is Loren, a little 5.5 inch bear, who's found a candy tin bucket with CANDY. I have been playing with Sculpey ( polymer resin) so Loren may have more candy shortly. He's posted on both BearPile and etsy.

We ( the DH and I) are off to our son's for another family food experiment night.  I'm making a turkey spinach and feta dish in phyllo pastry.  Lili is making birthday cupcakes for her uncle. Her Dad is making chocolate covered bacon. Her Mother is making beef enchilada dip. Our son/her Uncle hasn't told us what his final choice is... so it will be a surprise!! Wish my other daughter and her husband could come... but they have other commitments.. sigh.


Kays Kids said...

Family dinners are always such fun when we all get together. I hope you had a wonderful night.

Bettina Groh said...

We DID have a good time... as usual there was too much to eat right then so my daughter and I took some of the leftovers home!! We will be having my son's meatball subs ( and a salad) for dinner tonight!!