Sunday, November 17, 2013

show is coming to an end ... and dying class

The Teddies Worldwide Christmas Treasures show is in its final hours...if you haven't looked, look!  Thank you to all who have looked and especially to those who bought!!

Yesterday afternoon I took a class with a quilter friend... we dyed fabrics for quilts. I took along a piece of teddy bear mohair to experiment with as well. We mixed dyes ,combined them for our own colors and then dyed. Here is my "stuff"
The orange fabric had been black pattern on white, the yellow was my off-white dense mohair, the raspberry was white Kona cotton fabric, the teal was  white with a woven pattern, the denim was a white pattern printed on white. I liked the wrong side better but a little of the right patterned side can be seen on the left side. The teacher explained ice dying and I will give that a try with mohair soon.
By the way... all the fabrics minus as much dye as I could pour off went into the washer TOGETHER with some stuff the teacher provided. The colors didn't run together and the washer didn't get discolored either! Whoo hoo!

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