Friday, January 18, 2013

working hard...

I am slowly getting enough "secret" bears ready for the Teddies Worldwide show in March! Plus some new ones for the Tampa show in February....
I'm also working on ME... we always rent bicycles for our time on Sanibel Island, FL (  a 2 week vacation after the Tampa show) so I thought that I really needed some time at the gym to prepare.  So off we went this morning and I can really tell that we haven't been in awhile!! Oh-h groan !  Better now then when on a bike trek on Sanibel.
  The rental bikes are big tired 1 speeds ... just like when I was a kid back in the '50's.  But Sanibel is almost flat... the center of the island is higher and there are bridges over the canals to manage.  Sanibel  gives bikes and pedestrians the right of way and there are bike trails/sidewalks all over. The bikes have baskets for stuff on our treks to the beach or for bringing back groceries or books from the library. "Visitors" can get short term library cards ! Can you tell that I'm looking forward to our stay!?

Here is Madeline....made for the Tampa show. She's wearing a dress made from a Florida souvenir hankie  with a vintage porcelain vase of sea shell flowers ( which I learned to make at the Community Center on Sanibel Island).

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