Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy busy time....

We have been organizing the calendar....I have a bear show in Tampa on February 24th and an online show the weekend of March 22-24.... and Bob has reserved a place on Sanibel island, Fl for two weeks starting  February 23rd....... So I have to get to work!!
The Bright Star Tampa show has a competition... pattern provided and finished size set.  So I have to work on that plus some bears for the sales table.
 The Teddies Worldwide on-line show has to have at least 5 all new bears including a preview bear.The preview bear has to be uploaded and the show page created while we are GONE. So finish new bears and take pictures and write copy and store all that in the laptop so I can create the show page etc.while in Florida!! Thank goodness our place has WIFI ! ( I'll be doing this at night because who wants to miss out on shelling, swimming, bike riding etc. on wonderful Sanibel!?)
So... looks like I won't be headed to Omaha for the doll and bear show this March !
Currently the gadget about the Teddies Worldwide show doesn't have an active link...but that will be changed when we get closer to march!

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Nancy D said...

I'm glad we will be seeing you in Tampa. I have the same things on my plate, Tampa and Teddies Worldwide. Also, my niece has asked me to make a cover for the car seat for her new baby. BUSY!