Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby Bear

I am going to post this little ( about 5 inches tall) bear on BearPile shortly.... Actually he is one of the leftovers ( don't tell him!) from the Christmas Treasures online show!  The show was a true learning experience.... we had to work our way through a PayPal tutorial so that we could have buttons on my page! Thank goodness my husband is MORE computer savvy than I am.  The promoters website provider crashed before the show while all the artists were setting up their show pages and then when the show opened. Too much traffic! The show sold over 300 bears from artists all over the world!!
If anyone would like to give BabyBear a new home for Christmas... just contact me. He is $70.00 shipping included to US mailing addresses.

I removed to Teddies Worldwide gadget on the right since the links no longer work! If I am accepted into the March show there will be a new one!

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