Thursday, May 17, 2012

My "studio".... or whatever you want to call it... the place where I have all my supplies, the sewing machines, my photography set up etc. is going to undergo a change. We discovered carpenter ants around the double windows. The room itself has thin ( need I say cheap) dark wood paneling without any plasterboard beneath it.
We are going to change that!!  But first I need to find homes for all the "STUFF"!
In between sorting and lugging.... I did find time to make Frisco.  I used  some vintage upholstery mohair and a vintage sewing box with some sewing accessories. Plus I "mended" him using perle cotton thread. Frisco is 7 inches tall and has been posted on BearPile.
When the room is empty.... except for the industrial machine which weighs a TON ... we will take down the paneling and see what needs to be fixed....and fix it! And add insulation.  Then we will hire ( hooray and thank goodness) a crew to put up plasterboard and tape the joints! Then  we paint!  And I move things back!!!

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