Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mosaic Stepping Stones

My daughter, granddaughter and I took a mosaic stepping stone class yesterday at Daft Crafts which is on the Independence ( Missouri) Square... just down the street from the old Independence Courthouse with its statue of President Harry Truman ( Independence's most famous  native son!)

My daughter and the "always making faces" Lili
Lili designing her stone
Lili's designed glued and ready for grouting
Lili and I cleaning off  the excess grout
All three stones grouted, cleaned and drying. After they've dried for several days, more excess grout can be removed

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Paula-Jo said...

These are pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. I was looking at doing this for our upcoming school holidays (in sunny South Africa) and have made up my mind now.... Stepping stones it is... Thanks!!