Friday, February 11, 2011

no cooking tonight

When I picked our wedding day a billions years ago ( 45 really) I chose Lincoln's birthday thinking Bob wouldn't be able to forget it... little did I know that the powers that be would get rid of Lincoln's Birthday and morph it into Presidents' Day. Actually the biggest problem has turned out to be Valentine's Day.... celebrating the 12th gets mixed up with those wanting to celebrate the 14th. Over the years we have learned to pick a date before the 12th to celebrate. So tonight was the night... out to dinner we went. We had a good time. Little did I know way back in 1962 when I picked up this geek at a Halloween Dance my freshman year at Syracuse University that we would still be together in 2011... three kids and two grandkids later!

Finished this little 9.5" bear this morning and posted him on BearPile and etsy!

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Suz said...

Thank you, Bettina, for stopping by. The bears are adorable!