Monday, February 28, 2011

Easter feltings...

I have a fiber show called the "Spring Fling" coming up... it will benefit a Kansas City area camp for autistic children. So I have been wet and dry ( needle) felting Easter eggs... and a basket or two.
The eggs in the basket are needle felted over a Styrofoam egg. The basket itself was knit in the round with wool yarn and then wet felted and dried in the dryer with a rubber ball. The teal stripe was needle felted on at the end. The open eggs were wet felted over a plastic egg, dried and then cut open. Once the egg was removed, I blanket stitched the opening.
It has been fun! I think I will put the basket and 6 eggs on etsy.

krex... my reply to your comment is in the comment section! Thanks!


krex said...

The wet felt eggs are a great idea and I love things that you can put treasures in . Are they looking for any more donations for the Spring Fling ? I'm autistic myself, (aspergers) and would love to send some things if you are was one of my few pleasant memories of childhood and I think every kid should get a chance to experience it .

Bettina Groh said...

krex... they love it. We are having a raffle table. Would your items fit in there? I tried reaching you directly... but your etsy shop is on vacation ... contact me at bettina dot groh at gmail dot com . Thank you! Bettina