Friday, January 1, 2010


I must be fixated on mice lately...I remember one of the last visits I made to my Mother's farm in Nova Scotia. Every winter the field mice would find a way into the house. I think my last visit must have had the most... probably because both my step-father and my Mother were not able to set traps all over the house... but I could and did. I became the "Great White Hunter"... when we would sit and watch TV we could hear the traps going snap... snap.. snap! And I would have to find the ones that had "gone off"! By the end of my visit, it seemed like the ones who hadn't been greedy enough to risk the traps and get caught had left for less risky abodes!
But here is Pinkerton... he looks like my pet mouse. I had two while we lived in London, bought on the Camden Road black market stalls ( this was post war London!)
. My mother got tired of them and we swapped them for a lovely tortoise at a nearby petshop!

Pinkerton is ready to come bearing chocolates and candy for your special Valentine!
He's now on Bearpile


Julie said...

Oh I love this little mouse!
Happy New year
x Julie x

Lyneen said...

YIKES what an adorable mouse....

Anonymous said...

Loved your story about catching mice at your mother's home in Nova Scotia. Mice are nice . . .outside. Just the ones you create are welcomed indoors. I like that although you make lots of bears, mice, and other adorable animals, each one is unique. I like how each one has it's own inspirational story.