Sunday, December 27, 2009

Look what I "found"!

I found Mortimer in my sewing supplies!! Jack, my son's cat, heard him scrabbling and went to investigate. We saw him dashing across the room with something in his mouth. It was Mortimer.
(This is partly true and partly a story... Jack, the cat, loved the wool I was needle felting with and started munching away on the roving. I bagged that up and thought I was home free. Not so, I found Jack carrying an unfinished Mortimer in his mouth. Since then, I have been very careful to keep Mortimer hidden or with me!)
Mortimer was needle felted from a multi-color wool roving with black needle felted nose , white tummy and pink inner ears. He has black onyx bead eyes and perle cotton accents. His head is jointed and I weighted him with some steel shot so that he sits up.
Mortimer comes with some vintage sewing supplies. I'll be posting him on BearPile shortly.
Mortimer has been adopted !

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