Friday, September 11, 2009

Hedgehog pattern and kit

The Bill Boyd Kansas City Jubilee and Bear show is getting closer and closer. I will be doing a little "demo" on Friday afternoon( 1.30 to 2.30pm) with a pattern for my hedgehog! I made one today so that Bob and I could take pictures of the whole process. He will write up the instruction sheet for the hedgehog kits I will have available for sale. If I know him, the instruction sheet will turn into an instruction manual !
By the way... the Jubilee will be from Thursday night October 1st to Saturday ( sale day) October 3rd. The annual Good Bears of the World meeting will be Thursday night... kicking things off to a good start!
Anyone interested in the schedule can email me... and I'll be happy to send them the whole schedule!


Craft Passion said...

I wish I stay somewhere hear you :) I am going to miss show :( Will you post some photos here about the show and the instructions? Big warm hug all the way from Malaysia....

Laurel said...

Drat, too bad I won't be able to go. any chance that you might offer a kit or the instructions for sale at your shop?