Saturday, September 26, 2009

Away from home

yes... we're away but we don't go without the laptop! I have a doll/bear show tomorrow in Omaha, Nebraska, so Bob and I decided to make a mini vacation out of it. We took off from home on Friday morning and arrived in Council Bluffs, Iowa before lunch. No... it's only 2.5 hours by car.
Council Bluffs is the sister city to Omaha... on the eastside of the metro area. The Missouri River is the dividing line.
We discovered that the race to lay track across the western US started in Council Bluffs.. not Omaha. Our first tourist destination was the Union Pacific RR museum.... then onto a RR depot museum... then to see the Golden Spike monument.
Today we went to the Omaha Zoo ! Then to Old Market area... Omaha's version of the old City Market and its surrounding blocks. It's quite close to Omaha's rail yards and refurbished depot!
Interesting area... lots of old manufacturing and retail buildings now housing small specialty stores and restaurants... and some featuring lofts and apartments above.
My feet are tired... so it's quiet time for now!

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