Monday, September 24, 2007

Omaha Doll and Bear Show

We spent Sunday at a small doll and bear show in Omaha, NE. Its an easy do - drive up in the morning, do the show and drive home ( antique-ing on the way) afterwards. The table fees are small and I don't expect huge sales. But I was surprised by the show this time... not that sales were huge but that the gate was pretty high and there was quite a lot of enthusiasm. People were interested in my needle felting... I was working on a pumpkin ... and came back several times to watch my progress. One watcher bought it! I brought wool rovings so they could see what I started with and certainly there were lots of finished items.
Last spring at the DesMoines Doll and Bear Show I had promised a 10 year old that I would show her how to needle felt if she came to the November show. Well, her grandmother stopped at my table yesterday to tell me that her grand daughter had been so enthusiastic about needle felting that she had bought a kit on eBay and managed to make a bear herself! The grandmother promises that the girl will bring it to the DesMoines show for me to see! I can't wait! I promised to post a picture of the bear and her maker!

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