Thursday, September 13, 2007

KC's Bill Boyd Jubilee

It was great having the Jubilee back! The KCI Expo Center is a wonderful venue and GBW went way beyond the norm in getting publicity for the event. It seemed like everywhere I looked in the Kansas City Star there was a little reminder!
The banquet was fun, the auction for GBW had great donations and a great auctioneer ( Martha Burch). The auction raised over $6,000! Now GBW can buy loads of bears to give away!
The sale on Saturday was not as well attended as I hoped. I missed a lot of "old familiar" faces. But people had great bears to choose from and I saw bags being carried around! This was a new venue and the first show in three years... so maybe next year!
One of those "old familiar" faces that didn't come called me and asked how the show went! She didn't make it because her daughter ( her show attending partner) was ill.... she's thinking about next year!

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