Sunday, January 11, 2015

Charley the Churchmouse

Charley the Church Mouse will be off to the UK tomorrow.  Charley lives in the Hereford Cathedral where he scavenges for things dropped under the pews... LOL.   His favorite things are a King George penny, some boot buttons, a few military buttons and a spool of thread for darning stockings. That must have been in a tiny hidey hole since it have been a lo-o-ong  time since anyone darned stockings!!
BTW....that's his home behind him!

His new owner just sent me this..

Charlie the Churchmouse
Lives under the pews
His favourite hobby
To collect what he can use
In his collection some thread for his socks
A King George penny
Is his table top
Some military buttons on his jacket
When he walks round the Cathedral
He makes such a racket
His favourite of all
Is hung on the wall
It's a picture of his Cathedral home
Open to all.

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