Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting ready

Even before we left for Ireland I began working of my bears and friends for the two online shows and one actual show I have scheduled.  I am headed for the Des Moines Doll and Bear show Saturday November 8th at the State Fairgrounds - 30th and University. Then the Teddies Worldwide online show November 21 through 23rd.  Then the Bright Star online show December 5 through 8th. They should keep me working like mad for the next few weeks!!
I must admit that even though many complain about stores having Christmas item on display ( stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's and JoAnn's) I like being able to find seasonal stuff when I am working ahead... like this past summer! AND some stuff doesn't get reordered. If I don't buy when I see something... it probably won't be there closer to the holiday.

Here is Liam... I do find time to be in-sync with the calendar!

This is Thomasina.... I was working on needle felting a pumpkin for her. But when I took it off the Styrofoam ball and was felting it even more, it morphed into a cloche hat... lol. I added a flower with leaves  from  wet felted sweaters. Her muzzle is also felted with a polymer resin sewn-on nose. Her black German glass eyes have Australian eyeliners.

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