Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bob, Paddy and I are enjoying our trip to Ireland!  Getting here was a story all to itself. Our first plane from Chicago  was first late and then deemed un-flyable due to hydrolic system problems. No other plane available until one from London arrived.... in four  hours.  When that one arrived it was reported to have door seals problems and the mechanics would have to go through a pressurization routine..... luckily for us it passed and we flew out about six hours late!  More later about our time in Dublin.........We spent a day and a half roaming all over Dublin either on foot or on a "hop on hop off "bus. We went to the Natural museum of history and saw the skeletons o HUGE giant Irish deer. We went to Guiness Storehouse...learned about beer and Bob learned to pour a perfect glass. We went to Trinity University saw the exhitibs in the old library.. including the Book of Kells which is a huge illustrated Four Gospels done about 1100 ad. We went to Marks and Spencers and Tesco...two stores I have always been curious about. By bedtime each night we were exhausted. Today we headed west and Bob leaned how to drive on the left
  Too bad he had to start by getting us out of Dublin! Tonight we are in Killarney ... 300 km away, highways are ok but little turny roads..narrow to boot and roundabouts are harrowing!

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