Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring is coming! Hurrah

We had several nicely warm days last week.... warm enough for my husband to rake the millions of leaves our oak trees drop!!!  He has collected 2 dumpsters plus 8 compost brown bags so far. There are probably more than that left!!  Then of course it snowed yesterday!! Luckily the temps rose enough so that it melted before nightfall!
While waiting for the Teddy Extravaganza on March 21st I have  made several non-bear  friends!  Another HerbieChick and Squeek!
Herbie Chick and egg

Squeek ... needlefelted
There were others but they have left for new homes!!  I've also been needle felting Easter eggs... bright colors, stripes, spots, flowers etc!
Squeek is headed for the UK!!

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