Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to school

My daughter asked me to to go along with her and the kids on a school supply buying expedition.... we were armed with two long and different lists. Dominic heads to second grade today and Lili heads to 6th ( middle school). I must admit I was a little shocked at the final total... about $200. I remember when schools provided everything.  Lili's list even included a multifunction calculator and USB  thingy! Both also had to have backpacks to lug everything in!! Dominic was delighted with the earphones that came with his... just right for computer lab time!!
After that my little Marco just had to have a backpack so he could head back to school!!!

After posting this I had fun turning Marco's picture into a fridge magnet !

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Kays Kids said...

It is an expencive time getting the kids fitted out for school. Little Marco's back pack is so cute.