Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lili... summer 2013

There are times when I find it hard to think that Lili, our grand daughter, is 11. Hard until she stands next to me... she's  over 5 feet and can't wait till she taller than I am! yesterday she went with Bob and me to the Great Plains SPCA where we have been volunteering to help with the animals.... here she is walking Elvira, a "vintage" Pomeranian ! Lili and I walked three small dogs while Bob walked 2 big ones. Then it was off to the cats where we spent time socializing (playing) in the colony cages and replacing litter trays!

Later we started a redo of  Lili's bedroom.  She is tired of the bubble gum pink she chose as a toddler! Plus there was a big sized hole a neighbor boy's head  had made... accident!  Here she is lugging out a strip of the carpeting we removed....
Her next job was to remove stay strips, pull tacks and  pull out staples!!

Bob patched the hole with Lili's help... and we will wash walls today!  Too many kid feet and hands have left their mark!!

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