Thursday, March 28, 2013

Snow is melting

My grandchildren are keeping an eagle eye on the melting snow. They want it GONE in time for the egg hunt. I told them that the Easter bunny could hide eggs in a snow pile . So not to worry... the hunt will go on!!

Lili and Grandpa finished up the birdhouses last night ... earlier they had fixed an older birdhouse Lili made. Last night they assembled two new ones! Lili thinks the pneumatic nailer is the greatest thing!! I think garages aren't the best places to take pictures... especially with a flash!
 .......thought I might add an old picture of Lili and her Grandpa working on house repairs back in 2004!

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Kays Kids said...

How precious is that photo. Seeing Grandpa showing grand daughter how to do things.I hope the snow has gone for them by Easter Sunday.