Friday, December 21, 2012

It's white outside!!

It's white outside!! We woke on Thursday morning to a white world with lots of school closings , airport delays and cancellations and lo-o-ong commutes for those trying to get to work. There really wasn't a lot of snow but it had rained on Wednesday so maybe there was ice under the snow.... maybe it was the wind. Who knows! It took my son 30 minutes to get to work... it usually takes 7 !  My son-in-law was on the road for over two hours before getting to his work... it usually takes 45!
As for those kids with closed schools? My grandchildren and their Mother ( a high school teacher) had a fun day. The kids went sledding... my daughter cleaned and organized cupboards and didn't grade papers! They all watched Selena the cat go bunny hopping across the lawn stopping every so often to shake of that weird white stuff!
The snow didn't change my day much... other than seeing the neighborhood covered in white from the windows. The "plague" still has me housebound.
Today my husband heard the sounds of a stuck car and found our neighbors really didn't know how to "rock" the car and get loose... so off he went to give a hand. With him at the wheel, the car was out in no time! Guess it pays to have grown up in upper NY State and lived in an area of lake affect snow in Michigan.
We're due for another batch of snow in the next few days! The kids will love it.... and considering how dry ( we're in an extreme drought area) we are who can complain about water whether it be snow or rain? Ice storms I will complain about!! Those are nasty!!

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