Wednesday, April 4, 2012

do I sell my bears?

There was a comment today on "what one can make from a scrap" asking whether I sold my bears.. The answer is YES! A resounding Yes! I started selling at craft shows and as my bears progressed I switched to Bear shows or doll and bear shows. Then came the internet and I added a website ( .... yes we were new and my husband chose this unwieldy name! I am currently revamping the site.) Then came BearPile and etsy ! I'm also in "Bears and Buds" a digital bear magazine.
I hate to see some of my bears leave but for me the fun is in the making and seeing what the end result is. I just finished my 6,000th bear and could I really have all those bears sitting around my house? Besides... the money I make provides the cash to buy more supplies! It's a make, sell, buy supplies, make sell... circle!

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Wonderful new blog site, Bettina! I found it by chance. Lovely photo of you for Valentines Day and Herbie stole my heart.