Saturday, May 28, 2011

Labor Days...

You'd would think that May was the month for Labor Day considering all we (my DH and I ) have been doing.... first we went to our son's in Tulsa and helped him repair his wooden side fence. The posts and supports had rotten and were in danger of collapsing. First take down the bad stuff... add some new support posts... many trips to Lowe's for more wood, concrete, deck screws...rebuild the fence. Then it was clean up time... cut up the rotten stuff for bagging and then find where to get rid of it all since we had way too much for the garbage men to take! Luckily Tulsa has a "transfer station" abut 6 miles away and all we had to do was load the SUV and lug it there and dump it off ( for a price!). Then my husband vacuumed over and over again to get rid of all the stowaway ants!!
Back home for one days rest and then to our daughter's to paint her kitchen and office, make screens for windows that didn't have them, hang shelves and finally put everything we'd moved back!!
So for us this hasn't been Memorial Day Weekend... but Labor Day Month!!
That's why the blog has been silent and no little bears or friends have been posted....

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