Monday, January 10, 2011

Maxwell's in an etsy treasury!!

Maxwell is in an etsy treasure!! Here's the link ..... at the same time I was asked to do a PayPal invoice for him from BearPile!
Bob says to leave him in etsy until the invoice is paid....
He's been on both sites awhile so I am wondering if the current popularity of "True Grit" is the reason!? Or did that face just reach out to two different people at the same time?

Since Maxwell sold I have removed him from etsy and he is no longer in the treasury. The buyer graciously allowed me to keep him on for a day! I did add that info to the listing.

I am working on another stash bear. An on-line yahoo group I belong to swapped patterns and I am working on one using my stash. This is a good project for a snowy day... schools are closed, the "road clearers" are having trouble keeping up. It's supposed to snow all day! My grandkids are having a ball!

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