Wednesday, February 10, 2010

new bunny

It bunny-time, especially when you find a cute little vintage cardboard egg. We were driving to Tulsa and stopped in one of our favorite antique stores in Lamar, Mo. ( the home of Pres. Harry Truman's family farm). My husband found a neat Marx electric train ( very good paint!) and I found the egg!
So Billy the bunny asked for some candy... no egg is complete without jelly beans and chocolate eggs... and I complied ,using polymer resin.
Billy is on BearPile. ( Billy is heading off to Florida... lucky him!)

There's only a few days left to leave comments on the giveaway blogs! Go to the January 20th posting for the link to the list of blogs!
This has been lots of fun... I have visited every blog! I will probably go back and look again before the end!

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Anonymous said...

So cute.