Thursday, April 16, 2009

something way different... and not a bear!

My daughter is the development director ( in charge of fund raising) for a non-profit called Phoenix Family Housing here in Kansas City. I made a quilt as a fund raiser for them and am selling it on etsy. All the proceeds will go to Phoenix Family. I was really lucky that Amy Smart from The Quilting Diaries read my comment about the quilt on her blog and donated a big box of fabric squares... some of which I used here! I flipped over the quilt's corner so that the viewer could see that I backed it with a nice cosy chenille. The quilt measures 39" by 43"... made by machine and quilted "in the ditch".
If this works... there are more squares in the box!


Laurel said...

very nice! thanks Mom

Patricia said...

It's a lovely quilt. How very generous of you!