Friday, February 20, 2009

Ah-h vacation-time!

Even with all this gorgeous flora and fauna I am all packed and ready to take all my bears to Tampa Sunday morning. It's about 160 miles from Sanibel Island to the Westshore Hotel so we will leave about 6am. I want to be set-up before the "earlybirds" arrive! The bears are eager to go... because then they will be out of their boxes. They've been in them since we left Kansas City.

We took another bike ride today... going to the beach at the old lighthouse. We stopped for a sandwich at the local deli to take with us to eat at the picnic tables at the beach. Today they were all being used but a nice couple from Pittsburgh, PA. were happy to share. They were here to visit their daughter. She will be a vet shortly and is doing an internship here at the wildlife center. While we ate eagles flew above us... they are nesting right now and there are lots of nesting boxes atop poles provided all over the island.

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